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Looking for a Surrey Weight Loss Hypnotist that can help you lose weight with a quick and effective weight loss treatment that works? Need a Stop Smoking program that really works while saving you money and stopping withdrawal symptoms at the same time? Need help building your self confidence to promote yourself in your career or personal relationships?
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Surrey Hypnotherapy can help you improve performance, health, confidence, relationships, concentration, overcome unwanted habits, release fears and phobias, self-discovery, stress reduction, access past lives and much, much more…

Brenda Jennings is a Certified Master Hypnotist and Certified Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer practicing in Surrey, BC. . Now you can quickly and easily institute the changes you want in your life with the relaxing and safe treatment of hypnosis and the re-programming of your habit patterns with Neuro Linguistic Programming. This proven combination of Hypnosis and NLP can quickly and easily give you the results you are seeking to achieve regardless of whether you are seeking weight loss, smoking cessation or confidence building.

Surrey Hypnotherapy
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